Yearbook committee

The Yearbook Committee was constituted with a Convener and members from the faculty along with student members.The main objective of the committee is to publish the Yearbook.

The Yearbook is an initiative of the Literary Committee published annually for the graduating batch. The purpose of the Yearbook is manifold. It is intended to serve as a reminiscence book for the graduates of their stay in the college, as a documentation of activities in the institution, to provide a means through which the students can stay connected with each other, and also with the hope that such an effort will contribute to strengthening the Alumni association of the college.Yearbooks are little more than picture books. It is a memory keeper, a history book, a record book, and a reference book as well. It tells a story. It is to this vision that the yearbook has been committed to, since its inception.Altogether the committee has published 11 editions. The 1st edition of the Yearbook was published in 2013. Following are the editions:


2014-“Follow Your Bliss”

2015– “Dream Big”

2016– “Greater Things Await”

2017Over The Rainbow”

2018– “Sparkle Wherever You Go”

2019-“Go Light Your World”

2020-” …And So the Adventure Begins”

2021–  ” Find a Way or Make One”

2022-” Going Ahead Where Forever Begins”

2023– “Archiving Ourselves Here

We  hope that the publication, though a small step, will provide the creative platform to reflect the diversity that Baptist College enjoy in tribe, culture, personalities and religion by providing the students the creative platform.

1. Dr. Enünü Sale (Convener)
2. Mr. Kevizhalhou Medom (Member)
3. Ms. Zhangukhonuo Khawakhrie (Member)
4. Literary Secretary, Student Council (Member)