Alumni Association

The Alumni Association Baptist College (AABC) was formed with the objective and vision to promote and strengthen the ties of the alumni with the institution. The main objective of the association is to initiate activities for the welfare of the Alma mater, nurture mutual support and growth, to envision higher goals, and safeguard common interest through a continuous forum. It is committed to planning, implementing and promoting alumni programs in its contribution toward the college. It serves as the point of contact for all matters related to the alumni and to maintain timely contacts with alumni .Many Baptist College alumni are strategically placed in various areas and disciplines and it is the vision of the alumni association to build  bridges between the alumni and the institution by engaging  in organizing  meetings and get- togethers.

President                                                        : Hika S. Chishi 

Vice president                                                : Tokibo N. Wotsa 

Secretary                                                        : Larito H. Yimchunger 

Asst. Secretary                                              : Noami Kent 

Treasurer                                                        : Avilo T. Achumi 

Asst. Treasurer                                              : Lhiche Kupa  

 Info & Correspondence Secretary              : Imisangla Pongen 

Asst. Info. & Correspondence Secretaries :  a. Mhaseto Lohe                          

                                                                               b. Künüzühü Chüzho                                                                             

                                                                               c. Chitatu Thurr

President                                                        : Vineikho Sechu

Vice President                                                : Tokibo N. Wotsa

General Secretary                                         : Larito H. Yimchunger

Asst. General Secretary                                : Mhaseto Lohe

Treasurer                                                       : Shurhivino Nakhro

Asst. Treasurer                                              : Imisangla Pongen

Information & Publicity Secretary              : Chingai Chongdok

Asst. Information & Publicity Secretary     : Lipoksongla Imsong

Registration Form for Baptist College Alumnus :