College Ministry

The Baptist College Ministry is involved in helping the students of the college develop a healthy and positive attitude and seeks to inculcate in them moral and spiritual values through the various activities undertaken by it. The College Ministry functions under the guidance of the Chaplain along with a team of students selected to form the executives of the Baptist College Fellowship. All students of the college irrespective of any differences comes under the care of the Baptist College Fellowship once admitted into the college.

The Baptist College Ministry team is involved in the following activities:

  • Devotional Services: Devotional services are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the different semesters of both Arts and Commerce sections. The participation of students in these services is encouraged as it provides them an opportunity to explore their talents. It is also a platform where they can exercise and develop their public skills.
  • College Camp: The ministry also organizes a camp every year,  for a period of four days. The camp is where the ministry seeks to impact the lives of the campers with spiritual values and encourage them to develop a relationship with God. The camp focuses on small group Bible studies, dealing with challenging issues of life and helping them find a Christian response to these issues.
  • The BCF is also partly involved in the Student Christian Fellowship (SCF). SCF is a Fellowship for students in Kohima which meets at 10:00 AM on Sundays at the Baptist College Campus.  Although the SCF is not directly associated with the Baptist College Fellowship, many of the BCF members are involved in organizing the SCF on Sundays.  SCF functions independently and has a wider audience reaching out to many students and hostellers from other colleges.

TAFTEE:  Through The Association For Theological Education By Extension (TAFTEE) based in Bangalore, the ministry has introduced a six books Bible course based on the gospel of Matthew emphasizing on the life of Christ. This is a voluntary course offered to the degree students (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce). Students who sign up for this course study together and meet once a week. The objective of this course is not only to let them get a basic Bible knowledge but also to develop their leadership skills and to train them to be able to teach others in turn. TAFTEE students are encouraged and involved in sharing what they learn in the devotional services and leading small group studies in the college camps.  The course was first introduced in the College in 2003.  Not more than 15 students can be enrolled in one batch of TAFTEE students