The institutional distinctiveness of the College is not solely confined to the pursuit of academic excellence but is profoundly marked by an unwavering commitment to cultivating an inclusive educational environment through the provision of welfare measures for students. The Student Welfare Fund operating through the Student Grievance Redressal and Welfare Committee, spearhead these initiatives. Several key features characterize this distinctiveness:

  1. Commitment to Inclusive Education: The College is committed to cultivating an inclusive educational environment by providing welfare measures for students. This commitment reflects a deep understanding of the diverse needs of the student body beyond academic pursuits.
  2. Self-Generating Student Welfare Fund: The institution’s uniqueness is highlighted by the self-generating nature of the Student Welfare Fund. The fund is sustained through donation drives, contributions, and fundraising activities within the college community, displaying a collective effort to foster a supportive atmosphere.
  1. Beyond Monetary Aid: The institution stands out for its steadfast dedication to surpassing conventional boundaries in financial assistance. The Student Welfare Fund, facilitated by the Committee, transcends being a mere monetary lifeline. It evolves into a dynamic resource pool that extends its support to include material assistance, covering essential academic tools, textbooks, and provisions like food for students residing in rented accommodations. This comprehensive approach recognizes the multi-faceted nature of financial impediments faced by students.
  1. Timely Accessibility: The College’s commitment to timely accessibility ensures that financial barriers do not hinder students’ academic progress. Granting students’ access to the fund during semester admissions or other times of need aligns seamlessly with the institution’s objective of facilitating uninterrupted education for all, regardless of their economic background. This proactive approach underscores the College’s dedication to supporting students when they need it most.
  2. Social Responsibility and Equity: The institution positions the Student Welfare Fund as a tangible expression of its broader social responsibility, going beyond the conventional role of educational institutions. By actively addressing economic disparities among students, the college contributes significantly to the larger goal of social equity and inclusivity.
  3. Empowerment for Academic Excellence: The ultimate objective of the fund extends beyond financial and material support; it aims to empower students to excel academically. Emphasizing academic excellence underscores the College’s belief in the potential of every student. This commitment aligns with the dedication to fostering an environment where all learners can not only receive support but also thrive academically.

The institutional distinctiveness of the college is rooted in its holistic and proactive approach to education, emphasizing not only on academic excellence but also on the well-being, inclusivity, and empowerment of every member of the college community. This commitment sets the institution apart, making it a unique and socially responsible educational establishment.


  • Any student enrolled in the college and has financial difficulty to complete the course.

Terms and Conditions

  • The students receiving help from the committee must have 80% attendance and without any backlog.
  • The student must participate actively in every college program.
  • The student must adhere to all the other guidelines that the college requires of him/ her.

Procedures to apply for financial/material assistance

  • The student will be required to fill up the application form and submit to the committee.
  • Post receipt of application, the committee will decide on the merit of case and scope for further action.
  • Application for financial/material assistance may be granted on any grounds deemed genuine by the committee (subject to availability of fund).
  • Any other students or teachers may also recommend students in need of help.

Source of fund

  • Voluntary donation from students and teachers.
  • Any other amount contributed by any individual, groups, churches, organizations, etc.
  • Freewill offerings collected during the devotional services of the college.
  • Fines realized from students.

(The procedures for award of fund as laid down by the committee may change from time to time.)

In case the statements and declaration made by the recipient is found to be false, at any point of time after awarding the fund, disciplinary action shall be initiated by the committee/college against him/her as deemed appropriate.