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Welcome To Baptist College

Baptist College, a premier institution in the state was launched in faith by the Angami Baptist Church Council (ABCC) on 23rd August, 1982. It is the result of a thorough discussion and deliberation at the ABCC level and it was finally approved and voted upon in its general meeting of March 13-14, 1981 for setting up a College. Hence the constitution of Baptist College states, “The College is a project of the Angami Baptist Church Council, which shall have the authority to constitute the Governing Body of the college. The management of the affairs and interest of the College shall be vested in the governing body, which shall be responsible to the ABCC”. It is an outcome of goodwill in shouldering the need for more colleges in our land. This venture of ABCC is also a continuing process of development from a legacy left behind by those missionaries of the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society since late nineteenth century, who introduced the rudimentary education while proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nagas.


The Alumni Association Baptist College (AABC) was formed with the objective and vision to promote and strengthen the ties of the alumni with the institution. The main objective of the association is to initiate activities for the welfare of the Alma mater, nurture mutual support and growth, to envision higher goals, and safeguard common interest through a continuous forum. It is committed to planning, implementing and promoting alumni programs in its contribution toward the college. It serves as the point of contact for all matters related to the alumni and to maintain timely contacts with alumni .Many Baptist College alumni are strategically placed in various areas and disciplines and it is the vision of the alumni association to build  bridges between the alumni and the institution by engaging  in organizing  meetings and get- togethers.

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The Baptist College Ministry is involved in helping the students of the college develop a healthy and positive attitude and seeks to inculcate in them moral and spiritual values through the various activities undertaken by it. The college ministry functions under the guidance of the Chaplain and the Students’ Counsellor along with a team of students selected to form the executives of the Baptist College Fellowship. All students of the college irrespective of any differences comes under the care of the Baptist College Fellowship once admitted into the college.


Chakhesang Naga Traditional Ways of Counting Months

Dr. Kewepfuzu Lohe
Vice Principal, Baptist College, Sechü Campus

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Uncle Chips

Mr. Tamreimung Chüsi
Chaplain, Baptist College,

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