Student Grievance Redressal & Welfare Cell

The committee aims to develop healthy bond between student-teacher relationships to enrich the learning process of the students. It is also committed to resolving any issue faced by the students. The committee also explore ways to generate funds/resources for the Student Welfare Fund to provide financial/material assistance, after identification, to the economically weak students of the college.

1. Mr. Vincent Kent (Convener)
2. Mr. Tamreimung Chüsi, Chaplain (Member)
3. Ms. Kethosenuo Medoze (Member)
4. President, Student Council, Baptist College (Member)

Objective :

  • To give opportunity to the students to voice/put forward their grievances/complaints and suggestion without any fear of being victimized.
  • To ensure effective solution to the reported grievances without bias.
  • To ensure conflict free atmosphere in the college by promoting cordial relationship among the students and between students and teachers/administration.
  • To support the students who are deprived of the services offered by the college.

To provide financial/material assistance on humanitarian ground to the economically weak students via Student Welfare Fund (subject to availability of fund).

Scope :

  • The Student Grievance Redressal & Welfare Committee deals with grievance received from the student in written on both academic and non-academic matters.
  • The SGR&WC deals with the all the genuine grievances received both online and offline.
  • Management of Student Welfare Fund

Procedures for lodging grievances :

  • The students with genuine grievance may feel free to approach the members of Student Grievance Redressal & Welfare Committee in person or submit the grievance in prescribed application form online on the college website.
  • The committee may if necessary forward the case to other committees, departments, administration, etc. concerned for further action.
  • The committee may if required call the complainant for hearing.
  • Any action taken on the matter shall be informed to the complainant within a period of 30 working days.

Exclusion :

  • Decision made by the university with regard to disciplinary matters, courses offered by the college,
  • Decision made the competent authority on internal assessment, examination pattern, attendance etc.
  • The SGR&WC shall consider only individual grievance of specific nature and not grievances raised collectively by group of students/grievance of general applicability.

Students can personally approach the members of the committee during working days


file their grievance HERE

Procedures of application for financial/material assistance :

  • The student will be required to write application to the committee stating his/her need.
  • Other students/teachers may recommend the needy student
  • Post receipt of application, the committee will decide on the merit of case and scope for further action.
  • Application for financial/material assistance may be granted on any grounds deemed genuine by the committee.