Research and Development Cell

The committee is committed towards enhancing the profile of the institution and promoting Academic Research in the college. It aims to not only supplement and consolidate the teaching-learning process, but also encourage faculty to apply for research projects, publish articles in standard journals to strengthen research skills and create space for students to develop research aptitude by motivating them to take their class project seriously. The committee also functions as a nodal center for ideation and conceptualization of research programs through the conduct of workshops and training, faculty development programmes, conferences and seminars.

1. Research Advisory Council 

2. Director:RDC Convener

3. Collaboration & Community

4. IPR, Legal & Ethical Matters

5. Research Program, Policy Development 

6. Finance & Infrastructure

7. Production Development, Monitoring & Commercialization

Dr. Kekuchol Pusa

Dr. Sentinaro

Dr. Videkhono Yhokha

Dr. Kewepfuzu Lohe

Dr. S.K. Pandey

Dr. Kevino Nagi

Dr. Khobu Tsolo