Culture Study Centre Committee

The committee, recognising the importance of social and cultural values in the development and strengthening of skills, aims to preserve, promote and uphold respect for the rich cultural heritage of peoples far and near. It endeavours to do so by organising seminars, workshops and other cultural activities to enhance knowledge and skills. It also studies and maintains archives in the form of writings, artefacts, audio, video tapes, photographs etc. It also conducts research on folk traditions and culture by exploring various forms of folk traditions and is responsible for organising the Cultural Day.

1. Dr. Tsenbeni (Convener)
2. Dr. Videkhono Yhokha (Member)
3. Dr. Kevino Nagi (Member)
4. Mr. Seyiesilie Vüprü (Member)
5. Mr. Asilie Rürhia (Member)
6. Social and Cultural Secretary, Student Council (Member)