Best Practice – II

Title of the Practice: Performance based rewards for students and staff

In recent years, our institution has recognized the need to create a more dynamic and motivating environment for both students and staff. In alignment with our commitment to excellence, the college has introduced a performance-based reward system that not only acknowledges and celebrates outstanding achievements but also serves as a powerful motivator for continual growth and development.

Objectives of the Practice:

  1. The primary objective is to create a positive and encouraging work and learning environment by motivating and recognizing achievements of the students and staff.
  2. It aims to inspire individuals to consistently strive for excellence in their academic or professional pursuits.
  3. It aims to foster a healthy sense of competition among students and staff, where high performance are valued and encouraged and which can be a catalyst for improvement.
  4. The objective of this practice is to allow the institution to measure and track the progress of students and staff.

The Context:

The context for introducing performance-based rewards for students and staff is rooted in the institution’s commitment to excellence, motivation, recognition, continuous improvement, and the creation of a positive, competitive, and values-aligned environment. These rewards serve as a way to encourage and reward exceptional performance and contributions in both academic and professional domains.

The Practice:

Under the performance-based reward system, students who excel academically will have the opportunity to receive certificate and earn cash rewards. While, to recognize the unwavering dedication and commitment of the staff, a performance-based reward system has been developed to acknowledge their exceptional teaching and consistent attendance.

Terms and Conditions:


Student securing 95% and above attendance in a semester: RS. 2000 with certificate

University Exam Topper : RS. 10,000 with certificate

University Subject Toppers: RS. 5000 with certificate


Teaching and non-teaching staff with 100% attendance: RS. 2000

Evidence of Success:

Every year, the college hosts a felicitation program to honor outstanding students and staff. Through this practice, the college has observed an enhancement in the academic performance of students and the effectiveness and productivity of the staff.

Problems encountered and Resources Required:

  1. Managing a performance-based reward system requires administrative resources, such as time and personnel, to track, evaluate, and distribute rewards.
  2. Allocating financial or non-financial resources for rewards can strain the institution’s budget, leading to financial challenges.