The Research Development Cell of Baptist College, Kohima organized a Research Colloquium for the Department of English on 29th April, 2024 at the IQAC Room. Dr. Enünü Sale and Dr. Sentinaro, Asst. Professors, Department of English were the paper presenters. Dr. Kevileno Sakhrie, retired academic and educator, former HOD(English), Kohima College was the subject expert.

In the technical session, the paper titled The Hornbill in Naga Folktales” was presented by Dr. Sale, where she spoke on the importance of the Great Indian Hornbill in Naga culture and the significance of the Great Indian Hornbill in the context of the Angami, Zeliang, Ao and Lotha communities, where the feathers and the bird itself represent warrior status, prestige, omens, origin, fertility, unity, bravery, success, and the origin of folk dances.

The paper titled Clay and Quill: Exploring Pottery and Literature as Dual Expressions of Human Experience in Temsula Aos The Pot Maker” was presented by Dr. Sentinaro. She spoke on the interrelations between pottery and literature, which inspires each other with various expressions in the context of cultural symbolism. She spoke on the significance of pottery making among the women folks in Changki village, under Mokokchung district of Nagaland. She emphasised on the art of pottery making as a story telling process on human experiences which becomes a lens of continuity to one’s cultural roots.

Dr. Sakhrie commented on the greater purpose of folktale –telling the tale to the younger generation and others to preserve-one’s culture and identity. She spoke on how literature is a container of language like pottery preserves culture and art. The technical session concluded with a Q&A session.

Earlier, Dr. Kewepfuzu Lohe, Interim Principal, Baptist College gave the welcome address and the note on the event, where he spoke on the need of preserving oral tradition and cultural values over time. He stated that an insider being in a position to write one’s history and heritage should take up the initiative to tell one’s culture to others. Dr. Khobu Tsolo, Member, RDC, Baptist College was the moderator of the technical session and the concluding remark was delivered by Dr. Mhabeni Ezung, Asst. Professor, Department of History.