Baptist College Fellowship (BCF)

The BCF was started in the year 1999. Prior to 1999 it was known as Evangelical Union (EU). The fellowship  was initiated to provide spiritual guidance to the students of Baptist college and also help them to grow in the knowledge of who God is. The aims and objectives of BCF is to appoint students  of every semester to be executives for a tenure of one year, to conduct devotional services for each semester every week, to organise camps semester wise to equip the students with the gospel,  leadership skills and the values and principles of Christian discipleship. It also envisions to help the students in understanding the Christian faith and see that they  spiritually mature so that they can make a positive impact in the society even after they graduate from the college, to train and inculcate in the students  the knowledge of the word of God and  encourage the students to live an exemplary Christian life in and outside the campus.

1. Mr. Tamreimung Chüsi, Chaplain (Convener)
2. Dr. Enünü Sale (Member)
3. Ms. Süvilü Venuh (Member)
4. President, BCF (Member)

Activities Conducted