Substance Abuse Control

The objective of the committee is to initiate and conduct awareness programs about the harmful effects of substance abuse like tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs etc, to one’s health and wellbeing. It aims to impose strict prohibition of consumption and possession of substance abuse items in the college through timely inspection and checking of classrooms and the college surroundings. The committee will develop a plan for comprehensive education, prevention and intervention program concerning substance abuse in the college.

1. Mr. Chubutse Naro (Convener)
2. Dr. Kekuchol Pusa, Principal (Member)
3. Mrs. Narola Chuba, Vice Principal (Member)
4. Dr. Kewepfuzu Lohe, Vice Principal (Member)
5. Ms. Imtisenla Mokholee (Member)
6. Dr. Sasi Kumar (Member)
7. Mr. Neisengulie (Member)
8. President, Student Council (Member)

Activities Conducted