Regulations & Information

  1. A student on joining the college is directly responsible to the Principal.
  2. Insubordination to the college authority or misconduct may lead to expulsion.
  3. Drunkenness from alcohol/drugs in the college is prohibited.
  4. Damage of college property shall be paid for by the student concerned.
  5. Attendance at lecture is compulsory.  A student whose attendance is not satisfactory may have his/her name struck off from the register or detained from writing his/her examination. Nagaland University prescribes a minimum of 75% attendance in class. These requirements will be strictly enforced.
  6. Leave of absence of any kind will not be granted to students during class tests/examinations.  This includes sick leave.
  7. Results of students will be determined by combining marks secured at the internal assessment, which includes class tests, paper presentations, assignments writings as prescribed by the university.
  8. Progress report containing periodic performance of test/examination and class attendance will be sent to parents/guardians of the student.
  9. Identity Card is issued to students on payment.
  10. Students are required to produce their identity card whenever asked for by the college authority.
  11. Students whose parents are not in Kohima must have a proper local guardian in Kohima.
  12. A student may be asked to leave the college on grounds of unsatisfactory academic progress, irregular attendance at classes, an act of indiscipline or non-payment of college fees in time.
  13. All Christian students are required to attend devotional services conducted once a week for every semester.
  14. No society/union can be formed in the college without the permission of the Principal nor shall any person be invited to address a meeting in the college without prior permission from the Principal.
  15. One academic session consists of six (6) months.
  16. Baptist College does not organize/sponsor any kind of picnic. As such, the college authority will have no involvement nor will own any responsibility in this matter.