Red Ribbon & First Aid Committee

The committee aims to empower students by providing information and life skills to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS and also train them as peer educators for spreading awareness both in campuses as well as in community. The Red Ribbon Club of the college is supported by the Nagaland State Aids Control Society (NSACS) and participates in events organised by NSACS. The committee also helps organizes awareness programmes to apprise students with information on mental health, substance abuse etc. and also encourages voluntary blood donation. The committee also takes responsibility to provide medical awareness in the institution, to monitor, and to control the spread of communicable diseases in the college. Furthermore it also provide basic medical care during emergencies like illness, injury etc. while at college for which the first aid station has been set up.

1. Ms. Asola C. Jamir (Convener)
2. Ms. Sevolü Chüzho (Member)
3. Ms. Süvilü Venuh (Member)
4. Mr. Chubutse Naro (Member)
5. RRC Student Coordinator(s) (Member)

Activities Conducted