Quiz Competition, 29th April, 2023

The History department, Baptist College, Kohima and Sechü campus organised a quiz competition under the theme History Alive on April 29th, 2023 at Rivenburgs Chapel Hall. The program was chaired by Mr. K. Peter Maram, Assistant Professor, Sechü campus.

The program started with an invocation by Mr. Asilie Rürhia, Assistant Professor, Kohima campus followed by a special number presented by Ms. Khuzhave Chungho, BA 2nd semester. After which the quiz hour was chaired by Ms. Kethosenuo Medoze, Assistant Professor, Sechü campus where the 6th, 4th, and 2nd semesters competed with each other. The highlight of the program was the special appearance by Mr. Pangerkumzuk Sor, BA 6th semester.

The program came to an end with the BA 6th semesters securing the first position and the second position was secured by the BA 2nd semester. The individual winners were Mr. Kianpeng, BA 6th semester, Ms. Syntia Chemtok, BA 4th semester and Mr. Jesse Kapfo of BA 2nd semester.