Literary Day 2023, 6th May, 2023

The Literary Committee of Baptist College, Kohima and Sechü, organised the Annual Literary Day on 6th May, 2023 at the college premises under the theme, To Nurture and Learn. The formal session was chaired by Ms. Asola C. Jamir and Mr. Tamreimung Chüsi pronounced the invocation. A welcome note was delivered by Dr. Sentinaro. Ms. Süvilu Venuh gave a brief remark on the event, highlighting on the importance of identifying technological advancements in literary art.

The event comprised of various competition, both offstage and onstage. The offstage competition included Imaginative Writing and Pencil Sketching competition while the onstage competition comprised of Band competition, Drama competition and Cosplay. The event was graced by guest judges: Mr. Gugu Sekhose, Guitarist at FifthNote band currently working as a Guitar and Drums Instructor at Aria Music Centre, Mr. Obed Kath, composer, founder and frontman of the Christian band Divine Connection, Mr. Mele Pucho, Proprietor of Symphony Academy of Music, Symphony Café, President of Musician Guild and BASN, Ms. Seyie Chüzho. PhD research scholar, singer and songwriter, Mr. Akuvi Kiso , self taught artist who works on mural, sketch and canvas painting and the owner of Akuvi Kiso Artworks and Ms. Pelevinuo Shüya, a cosplay artist, also known as The Cosplay Monster. Ms. Aseno Ayemi, a YouTuber & stand-up comedian, enthralled the audience with her stand-up comedy.

The list of winners for the offstage competition were:

PENCIL SKETCHING: Theme – “My Dream”
1st Position: Mr. Kenyusinlo Kent, Department of Sociology, 6th Semester.
2nd Position: Mr. Imlisunep Tzudir, Department of Commerce, 2nd Semester.

IMAGINATIVE WRITING: Theme – “A Horror Incident”
(1) 1st Position: Mr. Medongulie Rhitso, Department of Political Science, 2nd Semester.
(2) 2nd Position: Ms. Asienuo Cyline Solo, Department of English, 6th Semester.

The list of winners for the onstage competition were:

1st Position: Department of English
2nd Position: Sechü Campus

1st Position: Undefined Band
2nd Position: Authority Band

1st Position: Ms. Puaholi S, Department of Political Science, 4th Semester.
2nd Position: Ms. Kivini Lohe, Department of English, 2nd Semester