Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committee Baptist College was constituted by Internal Quality Assessment Cell (IQAC) Baptist College in the year 2019 with the aim of enhancing relationship and promotion of frequent interaction among the former students and the aim to assist the institution in its  journey to excellence. The Alumni Association of Baptist College herein referred to as, Association shall strife to strengthen the relationship between the past students and the college, promote the sense of oneness among all the past students through various programs, to co-advise/assist the college authority whenever the need arises and to promote  the spirit of fraternity among past students by enabling them to maintain contact with each other through the association.Membership of the association shall be open to all the students of Baptist College Kohima and Sechü campus who have studied for an academic year.

1. Mr. L. Thsidelong Rüdy (Convener)
2. Ms. Alito Swu (Member)
3. Ms. Imtisenla Mokholee (Member)
4. Mr. Neisengulie Suohumvü (Member)
5. President, Baptist College Alumni Association (Member)

Activities Conducted